How to Detect the Speed of Your Hard Drive, USB, Ports, etc...

Why is this important?

It can help you realize what speed your motherboard/Hard drive is running at.

It can show you the speed of your USB's (Type C's are almost 2x as fast as Type A's).

It can show you which of your ports is the fastest. Sometimes, manufacturers include a mix of speedy ports, some flow, some fast. Usually, it's two slow and one fast.

From your CMD or Command Prompt, enter:

winsat disk -drive C

You can substitute any drive letter for C. So if your USB is plugged into "port/volume" D,

you would write:

winsat disk -drive D

If you want to check the volume, just check the "This PC" portion from the Explorer Menu,

or you can enter


and it'll take you to the diskpart menu.

From there, you're going to enter:

list disk

and it'll show you all of the attached disks

Note the size of the disk

Next, write

list volume

and it'll show the volume from there. You can match the disk and volume together by looking at their capacity (size in MB/GB/KB).

If you want to select it, you can write:

Select Volume *

Select Disk *

and substitute your desired volume or disk for the *

If no volume is assigned, select that disk, then type


and it'll assign a volume for you. That's it, just type assign.

Look at the Sequential Read and Write on your report. For faster drives, it's very quick. For slower drives, it can take a moment.

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