Who this course is for and isn't for

Please find below the updated information regarding hard drive upgradeability covered in this course:

Update #1: Some Apple laptops do offer hard drive upgradeability. However, the process to upgrade them is not covered in this course.

Update #2: The FRAMEWORK Edition Chromebooks are completely upgradeable. The mechanics are the same as other devices. However, the software process for the Google system isn't covered in this course.

This course is intended for Windows laptop owners, whether you've recently purchased your device or have had it for years. If you're interested in reducing waste and want to improve your laptop's capacity, this course is perfect for you. You'll learn how to install a higher-capacity hard drive on your own, rather than buying a more expensive one. You'll also gain knowledge about how laptops work and overcome any fear of upgrading.

However, this course isn't suitable for Chromebooks or Apple laptops. This is because the hardware inside these laptops isn't easily upgradable. A standard laptop has a hard drive and RAM cards that can be easily removed and updated. Apple and Chromebooks' RAM and Hard Drives are typically soldered into the motherboard, making them impossible to remove unless you have experience with a soldering iron. Framework, Dell, Lenovo, and other laptop manufacturers make some or all of their laptops upgradeable. If this sounds confusing, don't worry. In the upcoming section, you'll see live examples of laptops that are upgradeable.

Upgrading Chrome Books and Apple laptops is still possible, but it requires a higher level of skill, understanding, and soldering knowledge, which are beyond the scope of this course. If you're interested in learning soldering, I recommend taking a course that specifically covers that topic. Regardless, I wish you the best of luck in your quest to understand how to upgrade laptops.

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