Financial Awareness is...

Understanding where your money comes from, where it goes and why. Then being able to make it do what you want it to do.

Surprisingly, these three basic concepts and quite scary to many and for others extremely difficult to answer. However, in this course, we will jump into the key behaviors behind financial awareness and I'll share with you some of the tips, strategies and habits that I used to take our portfolios from $1 to over $22,000 and growing!

My Story

Hi, I'm Hellsing-Ghrey. Select this course if you want to become privy to some of the key info that I used to take our portfolios from literally $1 to $22,000 and growing.

I worked as a Janitor, Drama Teacher, English Teacher, Scientist, Tutor and babysitter. All along the road, I heard the old adage, save more than you spend, though it didn't really hit home until I realized I spent well over $100,000, still had student loans, credit card debt and not even 10% of what I had earned. I had a problem and no one else was gonna walk into my life and fix it. No Dave Ramsy. No George Clason. No...that cute Blonde woman...Suze Orman. I digested many of those finance books and still, there I was, over $70,000 in debt, assets that produced less than $10/year if even, and a realization that no one was coming. It was all up to me. And even if someone did come...they couldn't do the work for me.

It was time to change.


Years of experience available for the low, low price of:


Hi. I'm Hellsing-Ghrey. Yeah, I look cool. I'm sure you do too. Now, I want to share some things you already know, just in a different way. See, I read the books, Richest Man in Babylon, Think and Grow Rich, You were BORN RICH, etc and I LOVE THEM! They're awesome! Though something was missing. 

While in UNI, it feels like I was trying to make up for Highschool (High five if you know what I mean, right?) and didn't really come into my financial maturity until I was literally thousands of miles away from home, in a cold apartment with a Chinese burrito that was going to serve as both breakfast and dinner. 

I saw that I actually needed to start APPLYING what I read CONSISTENTLY! So I started and started growing. Aaaaaand some pretty beautiful distractions came along and we all know how those stories end, right? "You're too old to many, I'm so young, I want to experience the world, Can't we just be FWB, etc, etc, etc. " 

Anywho, All along this path, I've been working, and saving and working and saving and at some point, spent most of my savings. Got married, now I have a BEAUTIFUL daughter, and life became more...real. I was in a dark place inside and needed to make some moves. As I started making those moves, I started coming into the light. My habits got better, stronger. I faced a lot of backward inner beliefs about money and gained exposure to other millionaires who were and still are extremely candid with me. I set goals and achieved them. And I'm still achieving them. 

And then I thought..."wait a sec...I'm probably not the only dude with gorgeous hair who got married to an APYT, had a daughter, realized that his life needed an overhaul and it was time to really be the man he needed to be and give his financial standing a strong foundation..." so I made this course for others out there, to learn from what I did and went through and achieve their success faster than I did.

In short, I'm telling you what I did, what actually worked for me. I'm not giving you feel-good advice. I'm telling you what I literally went through and what new habits I had to develop to get to where I am today. If you want fast and easy, go waste your money somewhere else. If you want the foundation that will assist you in building a financial empire for yourself and literally generations to come because that's how truly wealthy people think...generations ahead. The proletariat class thinks about today and what hedonistic adventures await them. It's scary actually, once you realize that each class is literally taught a specific set of core beliefs that keep them in that class, and that creates their world of "right and wrong", though if you took someone from a different class and put them there, they'd fight to get back to where they feel they belong. If you want more, check out what I have to offer. 

Hellsing-Ghrey standing on a pebble path in front of a walkway lined with trees