What's your SYSTEM?

Hi. I'm Hellsing. Type "A" personality. Aggressive. Focused. Gets straight to the point. Why are you calling me? What do you want? How much is it? What does it benefit me, kinda guy. And that bothers some people. If that bothers you, don't waste your time here. Go find something a bit softer and easier to handle. For those of you that want CHANGE, read on.

Change, real change that last a long time, if not a life time, comes from thoughts, beliefs that manifest themselves in CONSISTENT ACTIONS, that then get built into your muscle memory, neural pathways and naturally, become easier to do, stick to, engage, etc.

People's lives are the summation of their habits. Success succeeds and failure fails, because of those building blocks.

It goes without saying, FOCUSED actions OVER TIME will take you where you want to go...whether you like it or not. Eat a bag of chips everyday, you get one thing. Do a few pushups everyday, you get another.

This program is about looking at the main target that we want, planning out over the next 12 or so months how to get it.

Next, break it down into quarterly goals, then monthly goals, then weekly, and finally daily. Is this method for everyone? No. Fish swim and birds fly. DO what works for you and your hardware package. Or upgrade.

This program will assist you in taking the DAILY CONSISTENT actions to succeed and reach your top goal, whether it's being a Millionaire, dating that hot Asian girl next door or becoming a better father. It will give you a SYSTEM you can use to get to your destination.

Sir Joshua Hellsing-Ghrey smiling with miniso headphones


Hi, I'm Hellsing-Ghrey. I've always had this thing for Self Mastery. Maybe it was The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or Dragon Ball Z, or getting chased by the local gang to grade school every morning that lead me to pursue self master, self defense and value life, freedom and my hearts desire.

My family created an environment for me filled with dozens of motivational books, tapes, soundtracks, etc and cultivated in me a love of the arts and personal growth and development.

Over the years, I've successfully pursued my dreams and have live more than a few, and counting. I've traveled the world, married and amazing Queen, created books, plays, & programs that have added value to lives everywhere.

Now, I'm bringing my best works, knowledge garnered over decades, to share with you and assist you in realizing your dreams, your best life and your best version of yourself.

Your Light.